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IGM95 network

Aggiornata al 23 novembre 2016

At the end of the last century, the Geodetic Division completed an important strategic project concerning the setting up and the determination of a new fundamental geodetic network, covering uniformly all Italy and called IGM95. This new network was entirely determined by using GPS differential measurements and it is based on the ETR89 European system by means of EUREF vertexes located in Italy; it is also connected to the traditional networks of triangulation and leveling. The IGM95 network consists of 2000 points covering all Italy and located every 20 km and of 3000 other points, located every 5 km. This increasing of vertex number is carried out only in few regions. All IGM95 points have a MSE of about 5 cm. Some points have a second materialization (i.e. an associated point) near the main materialization (CT-GPS).

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 In the geographical search engine, IGM95 points are represented by red or blue triangles and squares. These different symbols are described below:

IGM95_quot IGM95 with height established by leveling
raffit_quot second order vertex with height established by leveling
raffit second order vertex

Monographs of  IGM95 points are for sale. The associated point, if any, is for sale with the main one at the same price.  Monograph of IGM95 points consists of a sheet of useful information concerning the point.

In each information sheet are indicated:

  • name and specification: name of the point location, a specification can be added in order to  better identify the place of materialization;
  • number: the point is identified by a univocal six-number code; the first three numbers indicate the sheet of the Italian map at scale 1:100.000 where the point is located, the last three numbers are the sheet sequential numbering  and the forth number is always more than five;
  • cartographic point location: cartographic elements indicating the point location, both in the  new series at 50.000 and in its sub- multiple element at 25.000 and in the old series at 100.000 and in its sub-multiple map at 25.000;
  • administrative information: nation, region, province, municipality and Carabinieri station where the point is located;
  • property: name of the owner of the plot of land or building, address included, where the vertex is located;
  • materialization: description of the benchmark indicating the vertex and its location;
  • IGM95 point data: geographic coordinates based on ETRF2000 and ROMA40, plane coordinates indicated in TM and Gauss Boaga systems, orthometric and ellipsoidal heights of the point;
  • access: how to get to the place where the vertex is located (if an authorization is necessary or if there is any restriction);
  • additional information: any other useful information;
  • connected leveling benchmarks: any planimetric/altimetric connection with vertexes of classical network or with leveling benchmarks;
  • planimetry: rank of point determination among the following ones:
    • Main network (IGM95)
    • Integration point (IGM95 point restoring, permanent station, etc.)
    • Integration point (geotrav, etc.)
    • Second order network
    • Integration point of second order network
  • altimetry: height reference among the following ones:
    • Height obtained from leveling benchmark (Fund. network)
    • Height obtained from leveling benchmark (old network)
    • Height obtained from geoid model (ITALGEO2005)
    • Height obtained from geoid model (EGM2008)
  • manufacturer: administration that produced the point
  • astronomical observations: if any astronomical observation was performed on the point;
  • description sketch: floor plan or perspective drawing representing the vertex and its surroundings;
  • installation date: date of installation of the point;
  • last intervention: date of the last intervention on the point.
  • One or more pictures of the point;
  • Cartographic section indicating the point location.


The following monographs are available:

  • IGM95 point (except for points not belonging to the second order network)
  • IGM95 high-precision point (for points belonging to the second order network)