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SERIES 500 (1404)

SERIES 500 (1404)
International Map “IL MONDO” at scale 1:500.000

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Map produced by the ex GSGS (Geographical Section General Staff), currently DGC-UK.
Printed in 4 colours.


Relief is shown by contours and hypsometric tints.
State, Region and Province boundaries are indicated.
Cities are classified according to their importance.
Roads are classified according to the importance and nature of road surface; kilometric distances are indicated.

SCALE 1:500.000

Normally, 4° E-W by 2° N-S.

ELEMENTS OF THE SERIES 14 sheets; all available
END OF THE SERIES Production and updating ended in 2014.
TILE Geographic tile, based on Greenwich meridian

International spheroid


Lambert Conformal Conic Projection

KILOMETRIC GRID UTM based on ED 50 System (European Geodetic Reference System)